Rodney Winebrenner Is an Eclectic Engineer

Rodney Winebrenner has a very large amount of experience in various fields of engineering and electrical systems. Most of his experience can be categorized as Programmable Controllers and robotics. There is quite a bit of other experience outside of those two areas that he also has significant experience in.

The programmable Controllers that Rodney Winebrenner has experience include Omron, Modicon Siemens, Mitsubishi A and Q series Controllers. Rodney Winebrenner has also expertly utilized GE Controllers, Hitachi S-10 Series Controller and Allen Bradley SLC 500 plus the Allen Family PLC 5 Series Controllers. He also has experience using the Control Logic Family PLC 2 family of controllers.

Another area of expertise for Rodney Winebrenner is in Robotics. He has experience in GE Fanuc robotics, Kawasaki Robotics, Motoman Robotics, Kawasaki Robotics, Nachi Robotics, ABB Robotics, and Sekio Robotics. This extensive experience makes Rodney Winebrenner one of the most experienced people in Engineering Robotics. He has consistently proven that he is an expert in handling these expensive and complicated process involved in Engineering robotics.

Robotics and Programmable controllers are not the only experiences in his field. Rodney Winebrenner also has extensive experience on most other equipment; that might be seen in his field including Robotic Welding Lines, Gas Fired and Infrared Ovens, Automotive Assembly Lines, Compression and injection Molding Presses, Resistance Welding, Automated Conveyor Lines, IBM Computers, Auto CAD and more.

This impressive amount of experience that Rodney Winebrenner brings with him to the table is impressive proof that you should take your needs to Control Solutions and Automation, and they can help you in whatever electrical engineering ways you need.

Rodney Winebrenner is an Engineer

Rodney Winebrenner, a graduate of LaSalle University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Rodney Winebrenner is a dedicated business owner who works hard to ensure his company’s success. He has continually worked to make the two companies he has started a leader in their field.


The first company Rodney Winebrenner started was located in Otterbein Indiana. That company, Automated Industrial Controls Inc. was a solid company that performed control design for automated equipment in many different industries. The majority of the business, however, came from his work with the automotive industry. In addition to being the owner of the company, Rodney Winebrenner was also the Senior Systems Designer. In that capacity he managed an engineering group and the panel fabrication facility, put together quotes and managed projects from the point of conception. He also did the programming of several different types of PLC Computers.

The next company that Rodney Winebrenner formed was in 2004 when he formed Control Solutions and Automation Inc. He opened this business in Lafayette Indiana and recently purchased a five thousand square foot facility in Fowler Indiana. The new facility is for Control Panel Design and Fabrication. The new facility happens to be just down the road from his High School, so the area is one he knows well.

Control Solutions and Automation Inc. handles complete electrical design as well as PLC programming for a very wide range of automated industrial equipment. They also handle programming of a number of different models of vision systems, servo systems and robots. Control Solutions and Automation Inc. and Rodney Winebrenner also handle Control System design and upgrades for injection, rotational molding, automated assembly lines, aluminum extrusion, and compression.

Rodney Winebrenner: Career in Electronics

Rodney Winebrenner has had a very impressive career in electronics and continues that legacy today. Five years after graduating from high school in Boswell Indiana from Benton Central High School, Rodney Winebrenner began working for Subaru Isuzu Automotive in Lafayette Indiana. From there, he moved on to Arvin Ride Control and then He helped to start a company, Automated Industrial Controls Inc. that he ran for seven years. In 2009, he started his newest company, Control Sollutions and Automation Inc. where he is still the Owner and the Senior Systems Designer.

 At Subaru Isuzu Automotive, Rodney Winebrenner was a manufacturing engineer. He was there for six year and while there he gained some great experience. He did complete electrical panel design for automated equipment. He was also in project management where he was in charge of everything including Vendor Contact, coordinating and scheduling. He was also asked to program welding robots for new installation projects and for expansion projects.

 Rodney Winebrenner also was charged with the complete electrical design for automated equipment such as computer controlled equipment, large Scale Conveyor Lines, Servo Motor Systems, AC Frequency Drives and Robotics.  He was also busy programming various types of PLC computers.

 The other position that Rodney Winebrenner held, before starting his own companies, was as a Senior Electrical Engineer for Arvin Ride Control. That position consisted of managing the electrical engineering group, Control Design for Automated equipment, Programming of Allen Bradley PLC Computers and CNC equipment, Implementing a number of different diagnostics systems and more.

How Piloting Skills Transfer to Life Skills

With a background as an electrical engineer, Rodney Winebrenner who is co-owner and President of Control Solutions, Inc. in Fowler, Indiana, likes to spend time flying single engine aircraft. With a pilot’s license to operate such aircraft, Rodney Winebrenner attributes his ability to multitask complex systems as a skill that is useful to be both a successful business owner and a pilot.

To be agile in business and in the air as a pilot of your own aircraft, Rodney Winebrenner says you can learn skills that are transferable to be a successful entrepreneur:

Problem Solving – Things don’t always go as planned in the cockpit; the same applies to running a business. Learning when slight changes or sometimes drastic changes are necessary to get back on track, whether that be for your flight plan or your quarterly business plan, is a skill that comes with experience.

Training – Before you are able to become any type of pilot, you need to make sure you have the skills necessary to know what you are doing in any situation possible in the air. Rodney Winebrenner knows the same applies to running a business. An educational background is a great start, but continuing to train and specialize in your area of expertise will keep you sharp.

Perception and Logic – Both of these skills added in with some determination make a strong skill set to be able to fly and focus on critical information at the same time. Rodney Winebrenner believes that being able to process and take in multiple situations quickly is crucial to flying an airplane. The same goes for running a business, the ability to quickly perceive and troubleshoot the things that aren’t going right for a company can make it or break it.

Investing in Employee Certification

Having the time and patience to invest in employee specialized certification can payoff for employers. Rodney Winebrenner, co-owner and President of Control Solutions, Inc. believes customized training in the areas they serve has brought a lot of strength to the capabilities provided by his company.

With 30 years of combined engineering experience under his employees’ belt, Rodney Winebrenner believes the certification process in advanced specialties such as robotics, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), vision systems and other equipment has paid off. Smart business owners know that advanced training boosts company revenue and employee morale, as the two go hand-in-hand.


Rodney Winebrenner and his team have completed manufacturer training for programmable logic controllers for many industry leaders including Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Siemens, GE, Hitachi, Direct Logic, Click and Modicon. As employees and management acquire new skills, they are able to remain competitive and earn a much-deserved reputation as knowledge leaders in their field.

Specialization by the team at Control Solutions in the area of robotics has included Nachi, Kawasaki, Motoman, Kuka, ABB and Fanuc.  By increasing employee knowledge and expertise, Rodney Winebrenner has seen firsthand the increase in specialized customer service and productivity improvements and efficiencies for both his company and their customers.

Extensive equipment knowledge comes in hand as well as Rodney Winebrenner’s Control Solutions, Inc. reaches out to cover the needs of more industrial machinery customers. By learning specialized capabilities in designing control panels for automotive welding, painting, and general assembly lines, you meet the needs of a certain niche. Rodney Winebrenner has gone beyond that and included specialization in aluminum extrusion presses, compression, injection and transfer molding, and rotational molding along with material handling applications.

Being able to supervise the installation process of Control Solution’s custom-made electronic control panels is important to the company’s president, Rodney Winebrenner. Supervising the installation ensures a smooth implementation to make sure a manufacturer has a quick turnaround to full production capabilities. With a background in electrical engineering, Rodney Winebrenner goes over his company’s finished products to ensure they meet quality and efficiency requirements.